Ladies, to give a better blowjob… Drink a glass of juice preferably orange juice.. milk will do in a pinch, before going down on your guys. It will make your spit nice and thick and slippery not like a dry wet like drinking a glass of water would do.

I challenge you, give him a blowjob after drinking water, and after drinking orange juice. Then, come tell me which was honestly better.

8 years sucking dick. 1000s of blowjobs given. trust me on these things.



I got my first view. I wanted to make a fake profile and add myself and comment myself a bunch of atta girls. Decided against it. I am going to keep this as honest as possible.

So to my first reader, I wonder who you are? Someone I know? Someone like myself? I always wonder who you are….




Just checked my stats, they are 0 views, 0 comments, most popular never. That sucks, maybe people will just stumbled upon this and decide to give it a try.

So if the title hasn’t given it away I’ll let you in on the secret… I’m an escort. A semi high priced call girl from California that is going to share some incredible insight into have gained about men, and relationships. Why you should take the advice I am about to bestow on you. I have been working for the passed 8 years in a ritzy part of California spending every day with men, all different kinds of men. When you are an escort and you have a particular client you a have seen regularly you build a report with him. Therefore the sessions usually start or end with a little check in and mini therapy. The guys reveal things they would never ever want their wives to know. Men are honest with escorts because 1- no one knows they know us so they could tell us anything and odds are we don’t care but it never leaves, 2- as long as they are paying us we don’t care what they are into we make them feel accepted and like his weird fetish is ok.

You can never shame, embarass, or make your partner feel embarrassed about a particular fantasy they may have, or a certain kink they may be into. Sex is the one thing that everyone wants to be great at but very few actually are. And if you hurt someone’s ego like that it is going to stick with them, they will shut down act vanilla in bed. While fulfilling their kinks outside the relationship.

But it this way, I’ve had clients who love their wives. When asked why they see me sometimes a simple she wouldn’t sucks my cock is all it takes. However that being said women need to realize Sex can be just Sex it doesn’t always mean he loves the other girl more it was just a physical need he needed you weren’t there and she was. He forgot about me on the plane ride home.

Cheating isn’t always what you think it is.



All my life guys have always told me.. I’ve noticed you’re always right and everyone else is the asshole. I try and tell them.. no I can see my own flaws just like I see yours. I know I lie, I use people, I dismiss, I emotionally cut off, I verbally slash, the difference is I’m OK with who I am. Your the one that hates yourself, so insecure. Or is that something, insecurity, I see in myself that’s why I hate it so much.

The funny thing about boys is they think that just because they like you, you like them. Like that’s the criteria. Newsflash boys, talking shit to a girl just because she isn’t into you, not cool. I bet there are girls that have crushed on you that you did not want to date. What’s the difrerence. You can’t click with everyone. But those you do, make sure to; never bad mouth them to your friends and family. You have a short memory they don’t you will play he’ll trying to get them to change their opinions. Keep your dirty laundry to youeself.

I should take my own advice, but I cant, I love self destruction what can I say? I am going to air my laundry so a few people might learn something from me. It’s nothing too risque. Just real life shit you might relate to a little more than you want. And of course honest answers to whatever questions get asked.